As a constant companion from the beginning of the conversion process to the final fuel product. We are convinced that we can extract and recycle the best possible from the respective situation, using the simplest means and common sense.


Our environment is close to our hearts. Not only for the sake of our children, but also to make a significant contribution to a healthy society. The RSR process we have developed contributes to achieving Austria's climate targets as quickly as possible; a predicted reduction in CO2 emissions of 25% is achievable by 2030 if our technology is used.

Value Creation

We generate added value. The perfect complement to sustainability and ecology is value creation. For our customers, this is a benefit all along the line - by using our treatment process, the plant pays for itself within a very short time, resources are recovered and can be used as fertiliser and fuel, and the nice thing is that the low emissions from the various process steps contribute significantly to climate improvement.


Breaking new ground, illuminating existing problems from every angle and thinking from the other side. Our process engineering faces up to the challenge every day and impresses with innovative approaches to solutions. Innovation does not only mean to create something new, but to achieve ecologically and economically all-embracing sustainable improvements.


Only when all processes and cogs are scrutinised many times and continuously adjusted can a maximally efficient end result be achieved. That is why we place particular emphasis on precision, in order to guarantee our customers a smooth process planned down to the smallest detail with the highest ecological and economic yield.


From planning to execution, we focus on quality. Durability in the individually processed articles, as well as a concept that has been thought through and tested from start to finish are our focus.


Open, honest and transparent communication is the be-all and end-all for us. Only those who openly address what is needed can expect a solution-oriented, efficient result. For us, openness, honesty and transparency are the basis for appreciative cooperation, optimal collaboration and the resulting best implementation.


For our plant operators, we offer all-encompassing solutions beyond the RSR process. We plan and organise our projects from the initial analysis to the implementation and subsequent service & maintenance work. The needs of our customers are always in focus!